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419 Partnership Scam

PLEASE NOTE: The persons, companies or organisations mentioned in the example(s) below are not responsible for these e-mail scams. Organisations and individuals, pretending to act on behalf of these institutions/persons, initiate these scams and abuse the reputable names of these well-known institutions/persons, to add a false sense of security to these fraudulent e-mails. Also note that some scammers act on behalf of certain organisations that do not even exist.

Date: 3 December 2006
Subject: Partnership/Assistance


Dear Friend,

In our search for a trustworthy individual to work with us on a very important and confidential project, we came across your esteemed profile. My name is [DELETED],a principal executive officer in the audit department of the [DELETED] bank of South Africa here in South Africa.

During the yearly preliminary in-house auditing of accounts,I discovered an account opened in 1996 and
since 1997 has remained dormant which means that nobody has been operating it up till date.
The total amount in this account is $18.6m less accrued interest.

Working together with the audit manager, we decided to investigate this account for more information. We discovered that the owner of this account,a foreigner has died inter-state leaving no heirs or next of kin who could make a claim.

Presently, we are the only two people in our organization with access to this information and we have decided to keep it that way and claim the money for ourselves using a third party who will take the place of the deceased next of kin.

We will supply the necessary information on the deceased and ensure that the claim application is giving immediate approval. Documents like the death certificate will be arranged and forwarded to you for onward submission to the bank.The project is risk-free
as we will use contacts that hold strategic positions in the bank to effect a successful completion of the project and also ensure that all traces of our mutual involvement are completely wiped off.These presents no problem as all documented evidence will be directly under their supervision.

We have earmarked a commission of 30% of the total amount for you. A further 5% will be set aside to cover expenses on both sides, which will include expenses incurred in processing this claim. The remaining 65% you will help us invest in profitable stocks and shares in your country. We would like to get your decision to this proposal as soon as possible. On of receipt your decision.

Endeavour to contact me immediately via my personal email address:

Best Regards,

This e-mail has fraud and crime written all over it. They explain how they will forge documents ("Documents like the death certificate will be arranged and forwarded to you"), how they will bribe people ("we will use contacts that hold strategic positions in the bank") and how they will destroy any incriminating evidence ("ensure that all traces of our mutual involvement are completely wiped off"). Only a criminal himself will have the desire to take part in such a scheme. This scam involves more than just loosing money, you may also end up in jail even if you are a 'victim'. This scam is not called a partnership scam for nothing, there is no such thing as a victim in this type of scam. Victims are actually partners in crime.

"bank of South Africa here in South Africa". This swindler certainly leaves no doubt that the bank is indeed located in South Africa.

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