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Amazon Phishing Scam - Your order information Z3566043

PLEASE NOTE: Amazon is NOT responsible for these e-mail scams. Organisations and individuals pretending to be Amazon initiate them., Amazon, and all related logos are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Amazon, Inc., or its licensors.

Date: 16 August 2006
Subject: Your order information Z3566043

Dear Customer,

Thank you for shopping at our shop !
This e-mail is to inform you that your order has been shipped out.
The following information is for your reference (see details in the attachment):
* Order No.: Z3566043
* Order Date: 08/13/2006
SUBTOTAL : $1,769.99
SALESTAX : $0.00
SHIPPING : $16.81
TOTAL : $1,786.80
* Ship Via: FDX Overnight Delivery

[Ship Date :] 08/14/2006 [Tracking No:] 708745655472
Please note that if your order includes more than one package, the
packages may not be delivered at the same time due to the shipping carrier's
schedule and the delivery method, and this is out of our control.
In addition, backordered items will be shipped separately.
You may check the status of your package's progress at our website.
Simply click on "Customer Service", then log into the "Member Center".
Customers who leave comments for us at either or
Pricegrabber will be eligible to receive a flash drive or other
cool prize! FOUR drawings will take place every month -- one drawing
from each review site on the 1st and the 15th of every calendar month.
Thank you for shopping with us!
15% restocking fee applies to all refunds. All products must be
returned in like-new condition, including original packaging and
all documentation and accessories. Charges will be applied for all
missing accessories or parts.
Our shop will not accept items that have been physically damaged or
misused. Return periods for different product categories range from
zero to 30 days.

The e-mail address was not cleverly spoofed and we were able to track down the source of this e-mail very easily by following the traces left in the e-mail header. The zip file was infected with a Trojan Backdoor.Generic03.HOZ (as reported by AVG Anti-virus). There are a number of very obvious faults with this e-mail. In the first place, Amazon normally addresses you by name, secondly they specify the items you ordered, they provide a link to your account, they always provide the shipping address and they always have a standard link to Amazon never sends e-mails with attachments, the order details are always embedded into the e-mail. All these things leave us with no doubt in our minds that this is a scam indeed.

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