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avast! Internet Security

Comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware, spam and hackers

avast! Internet Security

avast! Internet Security is an anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam and a firewall solution, all packed into a single, easy to manage computer security suite. It is complemented by avast! SafeZoneTM and new hybrid cloud technologies, making it our number one choice for your online security.

Virus and Spyware other Malware Protection

Our own tests have shown that avast!'s malware scanner has by far, the highest detection rate among popular malware scanners. The hybrid cloud technologies enables avast! Internet Security to react to new threats as soon as they are known to avast!'s Virus Lab. Enjoy all the benefits of real-time malware protection.

Spam Filtering

A highly effective spam filter will keep your inbox free from unsolicited junk e-mails and scams. It is compatible with Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail.


Unobtrusive and silent. The firewall component of avast! Internet Security will not bother you with confusing questions you won't know how to answer. It runs silently and blocks unauthorised attempts to steal personal and sensitive information stored on your computer.

Safe Online Shopping, Banking and Browsing

SafeZoneTM is a private and secure virtual environment where you can safely conduct all your online transactions. The Sandbox and Web shields will keep you safe while you browse and socialize on the Web.


One of the many things that make avast! Internet Security such an attractive security suite, is its performance. It protects your computer without slowing it down.

Technical Support

World class customer and technical support and support forums will be at your disposal, as well as a comprehensive knowledge base of frequently asked questions.

avast! Internet Security

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