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Fifth Third Bank Phishing Scams

PLEASE NOTE: Fifth Third Bank is not responsible for these e-mail scams. Organisations and individuals, pretending to be Fifth Third Bank, initiate them. All trademarks and related logos are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners, or their licensors. Cyber Top Cops is in no way affiliated with Fifth Third Bank. The "Received From" e-mail address mentioned for each e-mail on this page, is a spoofed e-mail address and is not the true origin of the scam e-mail.

Date: 6 December 2006
Received from Fifth Third Bank <>
Subject: Fifth Third Bank - security notice.

Date: 6 December 2006
Received from "Fifth Third Bank" <>
Subject: Fifth Third Bank - Account Secure Confirmation Procedure!

Hash Buster Text for Fifth Third Bank Phishing Scam Example

The scammers are getting smarter by the day. The link in this e-mail "" actually points to a URL where all of the forward slashes (/) are replaced by dots (.) and "/session/sbcbconfirm" is replaced by the name of the top-level domain of the scammer. To the inexperienced and uninformed user it may appear like a legitimate link, while it actually points to a hierarchy of sub-domains owned by the scammer.

Date: 27 November 2006
Received from <>
Subject: 25/11/2006 - activation of ProGuard. (Ticket #567846)

Dear Fifth Third Bank Commercial Customer,

We are delighted to inform you about the new online payment security
which starts to operate from 25th November 2006.

The name of the system is ProGuard.
ProGuard is one of the latest projects developed by Fifth Third Bank
security department.
It is a security device which generates online access codes to perform
online transactions.

To obtain this device you will have to register and fill out an
application form.
Within the next two weeks you will receive the device to the address
stated in your application.

ProGuard is not only highly effective, it is also absolutely free of

Please note:
If your application form is not filled in during the following 72 hours
your online account
access will be temporarily blocked for security reasons.

Therefore we recommend that you start registering as soon as possible.
To start now please click the link below and keep following on screen
It will only take a couple of minutes.


We appreciate your business. It's truly our pleasure to serve you.

Security Department
Fifth Third Bank.

This email is for notification only, to contact us, please log into your
account and send a Bank Mail.
Fifth Third Bank Email ID # 567846

The party responsible for this e-mail did not go through too much trouble compiling this phishing e-mail. Normally they disguise the anchor text of the link with a legitimate URL, but these guys simply pasted their fraudulent link in the e-mail without disguising it. It clearly shows you how low they rate the intelligence of their victims. Every vigilant Fifth Third Bank customer will know that any Fifth Third Bank URL not originating from the domain is a fraudulent link. Below are 2 more examples of Fifth Third Bank phishing scam e-mails.

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