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Arizona Central Credit Union Phishing Scams

PLEASE NOTE: Arizona Central Credit Union is not responsible for these e-mail scams. Organisations and individuals, pretending to be Arizona Central Credit Union, initiate them. All trademarks and related logos are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners, or their licensors. Cyber Top Cops is in no way affiliated with Arizona Central Credit Union. The "Received From" e-mail address mentioned for each e-mail on this page, is a spoofed e-mail address and is not the true origin of the scam e-mail.

Date: 8 June 2007
Received from "Arizona Central CU" <>
Subject: AUTOMATIC NOTIFICATION ref-id#3926178

Dear Arizona Central CU member,
We are sorry to inform you that your online payments and transfers services are expired,
and must be renewed immediately, if you intend to use these services in the future,
and prevent any similarly situations you must take action at once!

Please click here and follow the instruction to renew your online services.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter!
©2007 Arizona Central Credit Union

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