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Wachovia Phishing Scams

PLEASE NOTE: Wachovia is not responsible for these e-mail scams. Organisations and individuals, pretending to be Wachovia, initiate them. All trademarks and related logos are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners, or their licensors. Cyber Top Cops is in no way affiliated with Wachovia. The "Received From" e-mail address mentioned for each e-mail on this page, is a spoofed e-mail address and is not the true origin of the scam e-mail.

Date: 5 October 2007
Received from "Wachovia" <>
Subject: Wachovia Alert: Irregular Check Card Activity
To: undisclosed-recipients

Check Card Deactivation

Account: Visa

We detected irregular activity on your Check CarD on 10/05/2007.
For your protection, we have deactivate your check card. You must verify this
activity before you can continue using your card.

We will review the activity on your account with you and upon verification, we
will remove any restrictions placed on your account. Please disregard this notice
if you have already accessed the web site and have reactivate your card or spoken
with one of our representatives.

Please visit

What to expect when activating online

Check Card activation will take approximately one minute to complete.
After your card is activated, you are directed to additional information and shopping
discounts Security and privacy.

We are committed to your financial well-being, and protecting the privacy and security
of the information you share with us is included in that commitment. Because you trust
us with your personal and financial information, and we'll honor that trust by handling
your information carefully and sensibly.

© 2007 Wachovia Corporation. All rights reserved.

Poor scammers. Guess they did not have a spell checker. They probably used WordPad to compose this e-mail.

Date: 11 April 2007
Received from "Wachovia Alerts" <>
Subject: Security Alerts !!! New Security Upgrade

Wachovia - Personal Finance and Business Financial Services

Dear Customer,

Wachovia Internet Banking, is here by announcing the New Security Upgrade.
We've upgraded our new SSL servers to serve our customers for a better and
secure banking service,against any fraudulent activities. Due to this recent upgrade,
you are requested to update your account information by
following the reference below.


Wachovia Bank, N.A. and its affiliates.

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