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Lynnwood Manor Attack

Subject: Lynnwood Manor Attack

People continue to kill and rape because they know that they can get away with it. Thousands of murderers have not been brought to justice.

Greetings to all and thank you for praying for our loved ones  living in South Africa.

*Let us also remember that we need to pray for our land and leaders and the Bible tells us to do.*

*Subject:* Lynnwood Manor Attack

Good morning all
We have heard much regarding the brutal torture, rape and murder of Cathy Odendaal this week.
We knew the family and are devastated. This is a campaign I have started which I request, nay urge you to become part of.

This is an article from the Pretoria News, one of may which relate to Cathy's tragic end, please read this and understand, or try to the anguish of the family...

They are hurting her. They are hurting her." These were the anguished words a Pretoria man heard as his domestic worker described to him over her cellphone how his wife was being attack by armed thugs who had broken into their home in Lynnwood Manor.

Gideon Odendaal, who was in Cape Town on business, listened as Fransiena Majadibodu described the attack in a whisper while hiding under a bed.

The men - three of whom were arrested within hours of allegedly torturing, sexually assaulting and killing Cathy Odendaal on Tuesday - are believed to have overpowered Odendaal while she was walking through the garden of her home in Farnham Road.

It is believed the men may be linked to a spate of house attacks in the area, including the shooting of the three-year-old child of Musa Ebrahim's domestic worker during an attack on his home, also in Farnham Road, on Sunday.

It is believed that Odendaal, who ran a raw material trading business, surprised the men when she returned after going shopping.

They overpowered her as she tried to run into the house.

It is believed she was killed when, after being tortured and left for dead, she managed to press a panic button.

The security company then called Gideon to inquire if the family was all right.

He frantically called their home and her cellphone.

He then called Majadibodu. Whispering, she told him how she was hiding under the bed and there were men in the house attacking his wife.

"She kept saying that Cathy was calling for help. "She kept saying: 'She is crying, she is crying.' She said Cathy was calling her and that her killers were hurting her.

"She kept saying: 'They are hurting her, they are hurting her, they are hurting her,'" he said.

He called the police, his security company and the neighbourhood watch.

"I did not know what to do. I did not how I could help my wife. I did not know what was happening to her. "All I wanted to do was protect her," he said.

He said it was clear from the state the property was in that his wife
had put up a fight. Her body was found in a washroom.

"It is terrible. I do not want to know what she went through. I cannot bear to go inside.

"My wife is dead. What am I going to do? What am I going to do now?" he asked, adding that their children no longer wanted to live in the house.

"We cannot bear to be in the house. It is just too awful," he said. He said it was not known how the killers got into the house. "There is no sign of forced entry. It is a complete mystery".

Police spokesperson Inspector Paul Ramaloko said that three people who had been arrested in connection with Odendaal's murder, would appear in court soon.

He said a gun as well as jewellery believed to belong to Odendaal had been recovered.

So, consider the following :

The USA has been at war in Iraq for some 4 years, approx 3500 soldiers killed in action.

The scale of this conflict has resulted in effectively a regime change with both the US Senate and House changing from Republican to Democrat.

The scale of the conflict in South Africa is that every year, some 30 000 people are killed, someone raped every 2 minutes (our government seeks to withhold accurate crime statistics from us, probably due to the scale of the slaughter) and our minister calls those who question and criticize him "WHINGERS" who should leave the country !

Our President must agree with him, since there has been no public retraction, let alone rebuke.

Add your name to the list below, every time you e-mail , it will copy to
the office of our President who need to understand that I am not
whinging, I am crying out in outrage at this type of treatment being
allowed to continue to my fellow citizen's, some 10 times each day, and
NOTHING appears to happen

This is a true story and a sad one indeed. We are all sick of the crime in this country but you are not going to solve problems by lying to people. This was a plain text e-mail, so there is no way of automatically forwarding a copy the President each time you e-mail it to a friend. You will need some fancy scripts and some spam software if you want to make something like this possible. All the time and money wasted on distributing this useless chain letter could have been used to fund a proper crime prevention project.

Remember forwarding chain letters is an indirect method of spam distribution. The spammer is the original creator of the e-mail and the people who forward become the spam relaying mechanism. You are effectively distributing spam on behalf of someone else.

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