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eBay Shill Bidding Phishing Scam

PLEASE NOTE: eBay is NOT responsible for these e-mail scams. Organisations and individuals pretending to be eBay initiate them., eBay, and all related logos are either trademarks or registered trademarks of eBay, Inc., or its licensors. Cyber Top Cops is in no way affiliated with eBay.

Date: 16 October 2006
Received from "eBay" <>
Subject: SB NOTICE: eBay Registration Suspension - Shill Bidding

eBay eBay International AG sent this message.

SB NOTICE: eBay Registration Suspension - Shill Bidding


This email is to notify you that your account has been suspended for a minimum of 7 days due to violation of our Shill Bidding Policy.

Shill Bidding is bidding that artificially increases an item's price or apparent desirability. Shill Bidding is prohibited on eBay. Information on eBay's Shill Bidding Policy can be found at:

Your account has been found to be involved in Shill Bidding with the following associated accounts:


You are prohibited from using eBay in any way (including use of other existing accounts or registering new accounts) during your suspension.

Any auctions you currently have open have been cancelled. Please note that any fees incurred for these auctions will not be credited back to your account.

Your account will remain suspended for a minimum of 7 days, after which time you may appeal the suspension by replying to this email.

If you want to unsuspend your account now click the link below:


SafeHarbor Department
eBay, Inc.

If you are not an eBay member, then you should not be bothered by an e-mail like this. If you are a member and never made yourself guilty of Shill Bidding, then you shouldn't be alarmed either. Most of the links in these e-mails never have anchor text that corresponds to the underlying URL. This is a clear indication of fraud and whenever you hover your mouse over a link, and it does not correspond to the text of the link, do not click on it, rather delete the e-mail or even better, forward it to

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