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General Spam

Unsolicited commercial e-mails distributed in bulk, are labelled as General Spam in our SHPAMEE project. Common examples are:

Highly offensive spam types like Porn Spam, Male Enhancement Spam and Sexual Dysfunction Spam are not published on our site due to the obscene and vulgar content found in these e-mails. In rare cases we may publish certain examples of these spam types to illustrate certain spamming techniques, but these examples are extensively censored to make them suitable for all ages.

Most people view these spam types as a mere annoyance and seldom see them as a real threat. Each general spam e-mail poses a unique threat, most of the times the threat is not that obvious and determining the intention of the spammer is not always that easy. Spammers are ruthless, their only goal is to make maximum profits from their spam campaigns. If they have to break the law to reach this goal, then they will do it, regardless of what the consequences may be for victims of their spam.

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