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Account Details Malware Spam

PLEASE NOTE: The 'From:' e-mail address mentioned for each e-mail on this page, is often a spoofed e-mail address and not necessarily the true origin of the malicious e-mail. Any links displayed in the e-mail below are only used by the spammer as the anchor text for the dangerous link and is not necessarily the website responsible for the malicious software.

Date: 21 August 2007
From: "WebTunes" <>
Sender: User ijbfptolwzk <>
Subject: New User Support
Contains link to: video.exe

Welcome Member,

Are you ready to have fun at WebTunes.

Membership Number: 13461671512
Temorary Login: user6274
Your Temp. Password ID: lf400

Be Secure. Change your Login ID and Password.

This link will allow you to securely change your login info: [LINK REMOVED]

New Member Technical Support

Since when do WebTunes accounts fall out of the sky?

"Be Secure. Change your Login ID and Password." The spammer is encouraging the reader to infect his/her PC with a virus or spyware, by using 'security' as the bait. How lame do you get?

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