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SHPAMEE - Terms of Use

Updated: 19 December 2012

All e-mail examples from the SHPAMEE Project, the Cyber Criminal Profiles associated with them and the comments on these pages are for educational purposes only and are subject to our general Terms of Use. All examples published on our site, adhere strictly to the "SAFETY OF OUR VISITORS" clause of our Privacy Policy. Please let us know if you feel we do not live up to this policy.

Please be aware that scammers pose as well-known and trustworthy companies and/or individuals to deceive the public. These companies and/or individuals are not involved in these scams unless it is specifically stated in the comments section of these examples. Also note every cyber criminal profile published on our site, is about an alias (cover) used by a specific cyber criminal and NOT a profile of the person they are trying to impersonate.

Logos and trademarks that appear in these examples are the intellectual property of their respective owners and should not be associated with these scams. Scammers abuse these logos and trademarks to create a false sense of security among the targeted recipients of these e-mails.

Names and contact details of known scammers may be published in these example pages to raise awareness among the Internet community. Under no circumstances should you use these details to make contact with these individuals, they are real-life criminals and should never be approached by the general public.

Scammers often spoof the e-mail addresses of respectable organisations and innocent victims, so the mere impression that an e-mail came from a specific source, e-mail address or domain, does not necessarily mean that an e-mail actually originated from that specific source, e-mail address or domain. We are more than willing to remove any information from these examples that may cause confusion among the public.