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A More Formal Home Loan Scam

Date: 27 July 2007
From: "Herman Stokes" <>
Subject: <no subject>

Dear Home 0wner ,

Are you fed up with paying too much mortgage interest?

Your approval is waiting.

You can receive $228,000 for $678 per month.

Please respond Right Now.

Best Regards Herman Stokes

Scammers become more professional as time goes by, but they always screw up in some way. The e-mail address of this e-mail is totally unbelievable and the e-mail contains no subject. The scammer spelled the word "Owner" as "0wner", that may pass the naked eye of some people, but once you spot this, you know the sender was attempting to bypass your spam filter. No ethical company or businessperson will use techniques like this.

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