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Home Loan Phishing Scams

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Home loan, mortgage and refinance spam are just another form of phishing. They are only phishing for your personal information that can be sold to other spammers or to commit identity theft. They are not going to give you a loan and if they do, then you are probably dealing with loan sharks, people who become very nasty if you don't pay them back.

Home loan scam e-mails normally contain the following characteristics:

Home loan phishing sites normally contain the following characteristics:

The following images were taken from a home loan scam web site, just to illustrate how unprofessional and amateurish these people really are. Are you really going to trust a site using badly designed banners like these? You can hardly read the text on these images.

Please Note: The TRUSTe name and TRUSTe-branded seals, logos, and related marks are registered trademarks/design marks of TRUSTe. Cyber Top Cops is in no way affiliated with TRUSTe. The rest of the banners displayed below are for illustrative purposes only and are the intellectual property of their respective owners, if any exist.


Most of these banners require a link back to the authority site that issued them, home loan scam websites only display them without linking back to any site. So if you ever come across a site displaying these banners (good or bad quality), not linking back to the proper websites, offering you a "No Hassle Loan Quote" on a page requesting the information mentioned above, get away from that site as quickly as possible and please send the URL (website address) to

We have put some of these sites to the test. They never send you a quote, they only send you spam!

Below are links to copies of typical home loan phishing scam e-mails. Note that the original formatting of the e-mails was preserved and this is more or less how they look when you open them. We have disabled the links in the e-mails because they point to dangerous locations that may result in identity theft, financial loss or they might infect your computer with viruses or spyware.

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