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Limited Time Offer Home Loan Scam

Date: 15 July 2006
From: "Jay Farmer" <>
Subject: Success, well-scared

Your cre dit doesn't matter to us! If you OWN real est ate
and want IMMEDIATEH cash to spend ANY way you like, or simply wish
to LOWER your monthly paym ents by a third or more, here are the dea ls
we have TODAY (hurry, these ofers will expre TONIGHT):

$488,000.00 at a 3.67,% fixed-rateR
$372,000.00 at a 3.90,% variable-rate8
$492,000.00 at a 3.21,% interest-only4
$248,000.00 at a 3.36,% fixed-rateA
$198,000.00 at a 3.55,% variable-rateT

Hurry, when these deals are gone, they are gone Simply fill out this one-min ute form...

Don't worry about approval, your cre dit will not disqualify you!


Hash Buster Text For Loan Phishing Scam#5

Reading an e-mail like this, is like deciphering some secret code.

Date: 23 August 2006
From: "Oscar Platt" <>
Subject: Better Life, wing top

You have been approved for a $200,000 Home Loan for only $917/month
This offer is being presented to you right now!. Your credit history is in no way a factor. Bad Credit OK!

To take advantage of this Limited Time Opportunity,
please take a minute and confirm your curiosity or intention to accept this loan, at the following


Hash Buster Text For Loan Phishing Scam#6

This e-mail also comes with strange subjects like: "Better Life, willow cat", "Better Success, wold mouse" or "Better Future, wing bow". It has the same false sense of urgency as the example above and it contains a spoofed e-mail address from the same domain as the Follow-Up E-mail Scam. It is probably from the same scammer too.

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