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The Other Home Loan Deal

Date: 08 September 2007
From: "Tessa Eaton" <[DELETED]>
Subject: Something Important Has Come Up


Sorry to inform you that the company that was interested in
providing you with a good deal for your property has backed
out, fortunately we do have other options to pursue and just
this morning we heard from another company that is willing
to work with you.

To get the ball rolling just confirm the information we
have in our database here:

Thank you for your time and have a great day,

Tessa Eaton
Team Leader, Mtg-Infinity
"Connecting People And Closing Deals Is What We Do Best"

The "From:" e-mail address was spoofed and victimised an innocent website. This comes to show how harmful spam can be to ethical and honest online businesses. Uninformed spam victims often assume that the spam originated from the "From" address. This harms the good reputation of a business if people spread false information like this.

Home loan spammers often create the impression that you corresponded with them on a previous occasion. In this instance they try to convince the victim that the application backfired, but they miraculously found a new offer from another "willing" company.

The spammers hope that one of these e-mails will land in the mailbox of a person who recently applied for a home loan, or some kind of finance. This is not too far-fetched, because if you take into account the sheer volume of spam distributed each day, one can easily fall victim to a fraudulent spam e-mail delivered at the to the right e-mail address at the right time (for the spammer of course).

Always verify with your finance provider if they sent you such an e-mail, before acting on any instructions contained in such an e-mail. You can assume it's spam 99.9% of the time, because professional money lenders do not operate this way, only scamming, spamming loan sharks.

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