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Report Malware, Virus, Spyware Samples

Submit viruses, spyware, trojans, rootkits or any other kind of malware or suspicious files to us for analysis. We analyse the behaviour of these malware samples to identify new techniques used by malware developers. The knowledge gained from our malware research are published in our articles and on the malware related sections of our website. The samples are therefore used for educational purposes only, to teach the Internet community how to protect their computers against specific threats. We also use these samples during the evaluation of the security software listed on our site.

To submit the URL of a malicious website, please use our Malware Site Reporting Form. For a list of malware samples already added to our database, visit our malware sample database list page.

Where can I find malware samples?

If you recently removed malware from your computer, you probably have some quarantined samples in your virus vault. The fact that your anti-virus/anti-spyware package detected these files as malicious, does not mean they are useless to us. These files may happen to be malware types that have not been reported to us in the past. In order to make our tests and research meaningful we need to use as many malware types as possible.

IMPORTANT: Please be very careful while working with the malware samples to prevent accidental infection.

How do I submit malware samples to Cyber Top Cops?

Can I submit several sample files at once?

Yes. The easiest way to do this, is to add the files to a compressed folder (ZIP file):  

Online Malware Sample Submission Form

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