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Stock Market Spam - Hiding The Message In An Image


Date: 27 October 1981
Received from "SkunK MatriX" <>
Subject: one of vvall streets Best Kept Secrets?

Stock Market Spam Example #1

This is an example where the spammer embedded the information in an image to prevent spam filters from picking it up. Most spam filters will flag messages, consisting of a single image only, as spam. It took over 25 years of this e-mail to land in our mailbox because it was delivered on 30 October 2006. We believe the spammer is psychic because how else would he know about the trading date of 30 October 2006 and more specifically about our e-mail address that did not exist back in 1981. Perhaps the spammer thought the spam filters won't bother about an e-mail dating back to 1981 because spam was not such a big problem back then.

Pay attention to the way the spammer spelled "Wall" in the subject. Another creative method of bypassing the spam filters.

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