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Stock Spam Examples

Stock market spammers are advanced spammers who cover their tracks extremely well by forging the e-mail headers excessively and spoofing e-mail addresses, making stock spam one of the most difficult forms of spam to investigate. The spammers also go to great lengths to bypass spam filters and anti-spam tools by embedding the information about the stocks in an image and adding hash buster at the bottom of the e-mail. They also use interesting and eye catching subject lines to entice the recipient to open their e-mail. These subject lines are often completely irrelevant to the contents of the e-mail. For more information about this type of spam visit the page on spam-advertised stocks. Their Stock Spam FAQ explains how to recognise stock spams, why they are sent, and what you can do about them.

Below are links to copies of typical stock market spam e-mails.

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