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Stock Market Spam - Using Website Links


Date: 18 July 2006
Received from "call" <>
Subject: A huge chance to increase your gains with this stock!

If you know what switching from one trade strategy to another feels like, this is for you. What you need is market winners pointed out before they make it big!

There are sure facts which can be understood in one single way. This stock is destined to skyrocket very soon!

Sound Revolution Inc.


Current Price: $0.87

Recent Price: $1.47

Short Term Target: $2.00

Long Term Target: $3.75

Sound Revolution Inc. (OTC BB: SRVN) to capitalize on emerging market with Sale of Ring Tones VANCOUVER, BC- July 17, 2006 - Sound Revolution Inc, a music distribution company, announces the addition of Ring Tones to its recently launched website LINK REMOVED.

Sound Revolution's LINK REMOVED will be adding to its current selection of thousands of songs and music packages with the addition of over 500 unique ring tones. The ring tones will be for sale in digital format and in a variety of genres that include pop, rock, Latin, jazz, rap, classical, electronic, world and jazz. With a technology platform that can handle millions of songs, LINK REMOVED expects to add to its ring tone library on a continuous basis during the next year.

Online sales of ring tones have proven to be a popular service and are on the rise. LINK REMOVED intends to fully capitalize on this emerging market.

The Digital Music Report 2006 of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry reports the following:

* Digital format is the fastest-growing delivery channel for music. Global record company revenues from digital sales (digital music & ring tones) reached an estimated $US 1.1 billion in 2005, three times the value in 2004 ($US 380 million).

* Single track downloads in 2005 worldwide more than doubled to 420 million, proving to be the most popular online music product.

* Ring tones are the most popular digital music format, with 19% of Internet users having downloaded a ring tone - three times the number that have purchased a track online.

According to Digital Lifestyles 2006 Outlook, by Parks and Associates: Digital content sales projected to increase more than 300% to grow to nearly $9 billion in the next four years (2010)

About Sound Revolution and Charity Tunes Music can change the world. Sound Revolution Inc., an innovative new media corporation that marries business with social meaning, intends to change the world - of online content delivery. Sound Revolution wholly owns Charity Tunes Inc., whose LINK REMOVED, a music download website, is unique in its promotional partnerships between musical artists and charities. For more info, go to LINK REMOVED, LINK REMOVED, or LINK REMOVED.

Be smart enough to benefit from underexposed stock before it gets overused.

No trader wants to take a loss. Let your stairway to success be a smooth one!

This is one of the very few stock spam examples you will see containing links to web sites. This is not a popular practice among stock spammers but if you take into account how profitable the Internet is becoming, we might see more stock spam e-mails containing links to web sites.

Date: 1 January 2003 (Received on 6 October 2006)
Received from "WebWhen" <>
Subject: DVD

Alert for all investors!
Important news

Stock Spam Hash Buster Text

This spammer wastes no time, it provides a link and adds some hash busting text at the bottom of the e-mail. These links often point to temporary domains that are not active for a very long time.

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