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No Hassle Business Loans Scam

Date: 13 September 2007
From: "killie tuan" <>
Subject: If you have your own business

No Hassle Business Loans!

If you have your own business and want:

  • IMMEDIATE cash to spend ANY way you like
  • Extra money to give the business a boost.

orried that your credit is less than perfect? Not an issue.

Just call the number below.

You'll thank me later!

Call Free [DELETED]

24 hours a day, 7 days a week including Sundays and Holidays!

This spammy e-mail contains certain characteristics of University Degree Scams (using a telephone number instead of a phishing link to obtain the necessary information). It also looks like one of those crafty Stock Spam e-mails. Perhaps a University Degree Scammer and a Stock Spammer teamed up to develop e-mails like this, you'll never know. It is not really a Home Loan Phishing Scam, but we decided to list the example under this section because these scammers are not concerned about your credit record, just like the Home Loan Phishing scammers. It appears as if cyber criminals are trying to launder their dirty money, by offering finance to unwary and needy victims.

The word "Worried" might have been misspelled on purpose to ad some variation to the e-mail in order to fool the spam filters. However we have our doubts about the effectiveness of such a small variation.

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