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Stock Market Spam - Playing With Names


Date: 17 April 2006 (Received on 18 October 2006)
Received from "Bryant Albert" <>
Subject: Bryant Albert wrote:

hi Bryant i hope this is your e-mail.
I was glad to meet you the other day. I expect you are actually had like the New York.
So much so much happening all the time, lots of great opportunities.
And speaking of opportunities, the deal I was speaking you about yesterday included a company
called Tex-Homa (TXHE).
It's already rise, but the big announcement isn't even
out yet, so there's still time. I have got this shares already and made
2000. I suggest you to do the same today.

Hope this helps you out. I'll see you this weekend.
Yours Bryant Albert

We have also seen many stock market spammers who like to write to themselves or their namesake. This is mainly the work of spamming software. It uses the same name in the "From", "Subject" and "Body" sections of the e-mail, but only use the first name in the introductory line of the e-mail. There are several variations of this subject line, with the name as the variable, opposed to the technique illustrated in the example: Stock Spammers Playing With The Subject Line, where the name remains constant while the rest of the subject becomes the variable. This spammer made 2000. 2000 what? 2000 spam messages? How these spammers expect to make any success out of an idiotic e-mail like this, remains a mystery to us.

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