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Stock Market Spam - Playing With The Subject Line


Date: 2 January 2003 (Received on 4 November 2006)
Received from "Sheena Cantu" <>
Subject: Feel healthy Sheena Cantu

Stock Spam Hash Buster Text

Stock Spam Hash Buster Text

This example contains some hash buster text below the image. It also contains a very distinctive characteristic in the subject line that is common among many stock market spam e-mails. The "Subject" field of the e-mail sometimes contains the name of the person mentioned in the "From" field. Other variations of this subject could have been "Sheena Message", "Sheena Report", "Hi this is Sheena", "Sheena here :)", "Sheena Cantu wrote:", "Hey Sheena Cantu", "Sheena check this", "fwd: Cantu" or just "Sheena" (See also: Stock Spammers Playing With Names). Spammers come up with new ideas for subject lines every day.

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