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Google Pack - The Software Security Compilation

Safer browsing. Faster searching.

The Google Pack is a collection of free and essential software, specifically selected by Google, to help you browse the web faster, get rid of spyware and viruses, organize your photos, tour the world, communicate with friends and family anywhere in the world, listen to music, watch your favourite videos and more. Each component of the Google Pack has been verified free of spyware and excessive advertising. Downloading and installing the software and keeping each component up to date is a breeze with the help of the Google Updater. You simply choose your components, download and run Google Updater and sit back while the software virtually installs itself.

This page explains which software should be chosen to enjoy the computer security benefits of the Google Pack. Whether you want to include some of the other Google Pack applications as well, is entirely up to you.

Norton Security Scan

Norton Security Scan checks your computer for viruses, spyware and other security risks. The software repairs and removes risks automatically or provides instructions on how to resolve certain problems. Norton Security Scan is mainly a malware removal and security analysis tool and cannot be used to prevent malware infections. Although the software is relatively small in size, we do have a slight criticism against the 20MB+ update that we had to download after installing the software. It would be nice to see the size of the software along with the size of the update (or an estimate thereof), during the downloading process. Norton Security Scan includes free detection updates and scheduled scanning.

Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar

This open source browser will enhance your browsing experience and make it a safer one too. For more information on Mozilla Firefox and the Google Toolbar, visit our Firefox, The Safe Alternative page.

PC Tools Spyware Doctor Starter Edition

It cannot hurt to add this free anti-spyware application to your current computer security setup. Even if you already have several anti-spyware scanners on your computer, we recommend that you install this one as well. It includes a resident shield (OnGuard Protection) to prevent malware from executing on your computer. We have run Spyware Doctor along with ZoneAlarm Free, the Spybot TeaTimer shield and AVG Anti-virus Free Edition, without any compatibility issues. Spyware Doctor downloads and installs updates automatically via its Smart Update feature. Scans and updates can be scheduled to run at specific times.

In terms of computer security, this is the best you will get out of the Google Pack. This is not a replacement for your current security setup, it is rather an expansion of your current malware and phishing protection. To download the Google Pack, click on the link below.