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University Degree Scams and Diploma Mills

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There are people who actually believe that this is a legitimate way of obtaining a degree without studying for it. But just ask yourself, how can this be legitimate if you did not actually earned it? Below is a list of the main dangers of fake university degrees:

The bottom line is, buying a fake degree is fraudulent and downright criminal. Everyone agrees that it is illegal to buy a driver's licence without actually taking any tests, so why is there the perception that the purchase of a fake university degree is a legitimate practice?

For more information on University Degree Scams visit Centre for Information on Diploma Mills and read the following articles

Below are links to copies of typical University Degree scam e-mails. Note that the original formatting of the e-mail was preserved to give you a good idea of what the e-mail looks like when you open it. The actual telephone numbers were [DELETED] for security reasons.

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